It's a...

I spent over an hour under an ultrasound machine today. My technician was a student (so a bit slower to begin with) and add that to our little kiddo being pretty darn stubborn and uncooperative (to a point of being quite amusing, actually), we spent pretty much our entire morning at the radiology department.

Going by what the ultrasound was like, it is going to be a little rascal - just like I've been told I was.

"Let's have a look at that nasal bone," our technician says - kiddo straight away covers its head with an arm.
"I need to get three views of the spine," our technician says - kiddo sets itself even more deeply into my pelvis.
"We'll count the fingers," our technician says - kiddo clamps all fingers into a tight little fist.

Me and The Man were giggling, and that we even got to see - more or less - that it's a girl in there, I consider it a major win!

And now I am laying here, it's 10 pm at night, and I am reading about VBAC and TOLAC and ERC. It's still a long way away, and we'll keep on going week by week, just seeing how things go and decide what our plans/wishes are accordingly, but I am slowly getting this stuff straightened up in my head.

And what I like is that I am surrounding myself with people that help me feel empowered, and who are honest with me, and who help me laugh.

And that's what important.


  1. Ian wasn't quite that uncooperative; but he determinedly crossed his legs and kept them there the whole time, so I didn't get the answer I'd gone for and was totally convinced he was a girl right till he arrived!

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. A girl! How exciting. I am loving your blog, although I haven't commented before now. :) Congratulations!