A holiday in Catlins

A week-long holiday in Catlins was... wonderful. It really was.

There was no TV, no internet, no rush - just an old rustic holiday home right on the beach and lots of ambling, dinners at The Point Cafe (seafood chowder's awesome, man!), bagsful of seashells, sand in all the crevices and crannies and... life. Life at a different pace.

This year, summer's different. I can actually feel it's summer! For the first time in several years, I am not working my head off. Kind of weird, actually, living a life and working a job where summer isn't the prime, massive busy season.

During my summers in Alaska I was handling sled dogs - every day up to 10 000 people flowed off the cruise ships and so we worked, sometimes 13 hours a day, to cater to their holidays.

Then my summers in Wanaka, skydiving - again, days were sometimes 13 hours long, from sunrise to sunset, getting everyone up in the air and flying.

Then last summer, fixing up the house, fencing, working...

And now, suddenly, man - I have a holiday. For me!

It feels... awesome.


  1. Gorgeous shots! So glad you're enjoying the season as it's a special summer for you guys before you hibernate with new bubs for the winter x

  2. Glad you've had a great summer family holiday. Love the Catlins! Especially how laid back everything is. Eg compare the touristy northern most point on the north island' to the sheep paddock Southern most point on the South Island.

  3. Holidays are great, I loved ours a couple of years back in Nelson. There's something so nice about being away from home as a family

  4. What a wonderful place to spend your holiday! I'll have to check this place out. It's gorgeous!