When a man without a country sounds familiar

Radio New Zealand were playing a recording of a stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt today (it's called "Man Without a Country" and it's actually pretty good, so I'd recommend having a listen), and all whilst he was ranting about George Bush and hippies, I was wondering...

why does he sound so familiar!?

And then I went and Googled and, ha!, it's the guy that gave his voice to Pixar's "Ratatouille"! You remember Remy the mouse, the lead character with a wondrous sense of smell? Well, I'm pleased to introduce you guys - Patton Oswalt!

Though I gotta warn ya: for all the sweetness of Remy, the real Patton Oswalt is more of a guy who says "f*ck" so often that he really needs to come up with some other word to sound offensive because this is not even doing it for him any more.

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