What 17 weeks pregnant is like

You want to know what it's like being 17 weeks pregnant for the second time?

I'll tell you. It's like this: you rely on your memory of "what it used to be like" at certain times of your (first) pregnancy, so you plan your activities accordingly this time also. Say, you think, "Oh, I played hacky at 35 weeks pregnant last time, so I bet I can go hiking until about 30 weeks this time" - uhm... no, no quite.

This time you're going to find that your hips are totally loosening up at 17 weeks already, so even an hour-long walk is a half an hour too long - you just simply can't go that distance any more, your back aches, you get nerve pain down your leg and your tailbone feels like it's about to disintegrate.

Or, say, you decide to take up a little bit of gardening in the morning: nice and easy, no rush, no heavy lifting... except, when you try and stand up again after an hour of weeding you find that you're totally screwed again: your back aches, your tailbone feels like it's about to disintegrate, you get (guess what?) nerve pain down your leg.

It also means that when you've had a good, healthy dinner of pumpkin soup and salad, you at one point start wondering what that itchy feeling is down your tummy... and realise that it's your skin. Skin! It's your skin stretching. Your tummy is way, WAY bigger this time around and so this itchy feeling is your skin thinking, "Oh, shit, there's no way I can stretch all that distance! Cover all of this!? You have got to be kidding me!"

Talking about stretch: you'll be going through your storage cupboard, digging up cardboard boxes labelled "Baby stuff" not because you want to see those cute little booties and hats again, but because you want to find your old breastfeeding bras, for no other reason than because you don't fit in your "normal" ones any more. And you though that would happen by 17 weeks? Yeah.

It also means little, cute moments. You know how during your first pregnancy you weren't sure if what you were feeling were kicks or, well, how do they say it nowadays... gas? This time around, you know what's what. At certain times of the day you may be, say, sitting down at a table and suddenly you say, "Oh, hi kiddo. Hi to you, too!" You recognise that what you're feeling is not gas - it's someone's foot in your gut. From the inside.

It also means that you don't put up with other people's sh*t any more. Remember how when you were pregnant last time, so many people were offering parenting advice and you kept taking it in, analysing it, totally overdoing the worrying part in your brain? This time around you have enough self-trust and -confidence to say, no, thank you to some of those people, and when they try and teach you nevertheless by raising their voice at you and being all pushy, you just say, "Sorry, not interested," and either walk away or hang up. You figure that if you've kept one alive for two and a half years, chances are, you'll be capable of keeping another one alive at least that long, so you're cool.

All in all, it's much cooler this time. You trust your body more, and - clearly! - your body knows its stuff better, also.

And you suddenly remember all those women who used to complain about their pregnancies (oh, the pain! Oh, the stretchmarks! Oh, the heaviness!) - the ones you used to look at and think, ha, I'm getting it way easier than you guys! - and realise that, sh*t, going by how 17 weeks is feeling, you may be lucky enough this time to learn about what "feeling like a whale" is like.

But to be honest, 17 weeks feels great this time =). You pat your tummy and you talk to it, and you love the way you can't see your girly bits over your tummy any more, and how stuff is expanding and growing and your body is doing this pretty cool building thing, and you're not nauseous any more (can I get a hurray on that!!) and your brain chemistry is clearly picking up on all those rosy little pink feelings of nesting and loving and caring and joy, and even your husband is, like, yay! (;)) and everything, basically, feels pretty awesome.

Yeah, that's what it's like.


  1. Hurray! (on no more nausea)
    Word! (on everything else)

  2. I don't know if you are reading the comments left to the older posts, but well - I'll do it anyway.
    I didn't read your blog for a while, because at about the same time that you announced the second pregnancy, I was about to give birth. Now I'm finally catching up (sort of, considering that this is a post from four months ago) and I just wanted to tell that even though I remember clearly the agony of giving birth, this post made me want to have another go. :-)

    1. Yes, I do read these, actually - they land in my e-mail.

      But... this thing made you want to go again!? Like, what part? Because I get how the rosy feelings of love are nice, but all this... stretching and aching and groaning and nerve pain, how does that sound like you want to do it again!? =D (Or am I biased? Maybe I'm biased. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow, with a pretty big belly, so I'm kinda... over it for now. Or at least definitely not looking forward to doing it again.)

      Oh, and now I've just gone and clicked on your name and realised that I could've replied in Estonian. Oh well, what's written in English will stay in English.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I think the part that made me want to do it was the talk about self-confidence. This trust in yourself, even though it was tough. I guess if someone who had it easy would have written this, it wouldn't have created this urge. :-)

      I hope this time everything will be easier for you and the newbie. :-) And as the old ladies say, it is supposed to be annoying and irritating in the end of the pregnancy, so one wouldn't fear the delivery, but look forward to it. :-)