Telling of love

As much as I don't agree with the lyrics, this girl has a gorgeous voice.

And it makes me want to cry, sort of, because it reminds me of how loved he keeps on making me feel. This guy here.

Every day he holds me, and he hugs me, and he keeps on telling me he loves me. He tells me how gorgeous I am and he holds my hand - he loves holding my hand.

It is not his job to make me feel beautiful - it's mine - but nevertheless he does so, through adventurous feeling-young days, through sickly pregnancies, through overweight breastfeeding months and through tired we-have-a-child-now evenings when he quietly tiptoes into the room, plants a kiss on my forehead hoping to not wake me up and arranges my blanket, and lets me sleep.

I love this guy.


  1. Ah Maria - lovely xx
    BTW, I think your day was way worse than mine {regarding your comment on my post}! I had a day exactly like that 2.5 years ago. I was nursing my dad through his last weeks of cancer and I had to run to the pharmacy to get an urgent prescription, which ended up back and forth with the docs and hospice nurses and I was in the pharmacy for almost 2 hours. Crying and panicky as Dad was at the point where any second could have been his last and I was just SO pissed off that I was stuck and coluldn't be with him.
    Freaking allergies. I'm still dying of them too.