On being a (sick) bum

Wow, this pregnancy is like a list of ailments from some sort of a baby-and-bump website.

So hayfever (which I had never ever had before, but now I do), check, and nausea, check, and now my back is seriously loosening up at 15 weeks (which last time, I think, it waited until about 30-something because I remember playing hackeyball at 35 weeks and dislocating my hip and my midwife shaking her head at me...), check, and now yesterday I somehow simultaneously got sunburnt and I think I also picked up a cold, because what I thought was excessive hayfever this morning with the amount of stuff coming from my nose, I am now starting to think, hmm, maybe that's not it... And, basically, wow. The amount of whinging you are doing, girl, wow.

But, hey!, on the flipside: different's good, right?

And I've so thought now that if it weren't for me being pregnant my family would've long ago labelled me a whinging bum, but now I somehow keep getting crackers and tea being brought to me to bed in the morning. Go figure.

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