Dear street racer

Dear street racer,

I do not know the reasons why you are racing your car up and down a dark, rural road at 2 o'clock at night. I really don't!

But here's what I hope:

I hope that one day, maybe when you are older and a little more sensible, and have kids of your own - kids who wear you out during the day and sometimes wake you at all times of the night, and when you are already stretched in your energy reserves and crave, worship sleep! - I hope that you don't have to stay awake at 2 o'clock at night because someone is revving their engine and whistling their wheels up and down a road where you live. It sucks, being tired and awake because of a street racer when there are already so many other reasons that are keeping you tired and awake.

And I also hope this:

I know what it feels like to attend a funeral of a racerboy - a closed casket one - and I hope that your friends and family never have to! It sucks, it really does. It sucks even more than staying awake at 2 o'clock at night.

I hope you have the wits to understand that although dark and rural, a windy (as in, bendy) public road can nevertheless carry traffic at nighttime and I hope you don't encounter oncoming traffic tonight when you're skidding and whistling your wheels around one of those corners - because it scares me to think what the consequences would be if you did.

I know that you probably simply don't know any better, or don't care. Maybe you crave adventures in your life and don't feel like you are getting any; maybe racing your car is one of the few highlights you have, the moment when you feel like you are really, really alive!

But I wish that you didn't do that - I wish you didn't feel like you had to race here like that. I wish there was a place for you to spend that energy and revv that engine elsewhere - a place other than a dark, curvy, public road.

And most of all - even more than sleep! - I wish that keeping about two dozen people awake tonight, all the people who live alongside this road here, is the worst thing you do tonight.

The thing that sucks even more than attending a funeral of a racerboy - a closed casket one - is when a car crash takes with it other lives; lives of people who were simply unfortunate enough to encounter a racerboy in a moment of uncontrolled skidding.  (I know what it feels like. Do you?)

I wish it never happens on this dark, rural road here.

And I wish you get to grow older, and a little bit calmer, and a little more sensible.

Sincerely yours,
awake at 2 o'clock at night

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