Thursday ramblings

I think it might be quiet here for a while now. For one, The Man's parents have arrived in New Zealand and so far we are making great progress at sitting behind a kitchen table or walking or just... being, really, and so I am not picking up my computer much and most of my thoughts do get channelled out through actual people, rather than a computer.

Secondly, I am feeling much better. I have made a few trips up the hill again and have started gardening, again, and life's much more beautiful when I'm not looking through queasy-glasses.

And thirdly... I am getting into a better headspace again, which is a welcome change. I think clearer and I understand the world better.

So many things pop into my mind now that The Man's parents are here.

I was thinking today how The Man and I married in less than three months from when we first met. When he called his parents (who were back in UK) to tell them he "had news", his dad thought he was going to say he'd found a job and was staying in New Zealand - when in fact, The Man told him instead that he was engaged and (!) that he was getting married in "about two weeks".

And I remember the silence that ensued.

I remember The Man asking his father over the phone, "Where's mom?" and his dad saying, "Oh, she's just popped out a moment," whereas in reality - The Man's father told me today - at that moment The Man's mom was actually laying on the floor of their kitchen, listening to the conversation through speakerphone and trying to gather herself.

It's funny to think about it now, because now they're my family.

I remember that when The Man called - with the same news - his sister, also in UK, then his sentence, "I am getting married!" was met with a bit of a pause and then, "To... whom?"

And it's funny to think about that, too, because now she, too, is my family.

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  1. I am happy for you! All those positive shifts sound so good.