On beauty of radiology

Seeing those tiny toes on an ultrasound screen just makes it that much more real.

Hands pulled up high to the chin.
Legs stretched out, with feet crossing.
A cute little bum.

And of course what they call a "foetal position" - for obvious reasons - where that tiny little human inside my tummy curls up in a ball just behind the placenta and... I mean, man, I can see it all happen. Real time, live.

It's so cool!

And of course now that I am sitting on the floor writing this, a pat-pat-pat-pat of two-year-old feet down the hallway where he then stops in the bedroom, looking for me, before calling out, "Maa?"

"Ma olen suures toas!" I call back ("I am in the living room" in Estonian) and he runs, pat-pat-pat-pat up the hallway again. I've got two children already: one pat-pat-pat-patting up and down our hallway and another one in my tummy.

The Man is convinced there's a girl in my there. He tells our kid about "the sister" and about having to be gentle with mummy and when he counts, he points "one" to The Kid, "two" to himself and then "three and four" towards me.

I don't know, I'm happy either way, a boy, a girl, it really doesn't matter - just as long as this bloody nausea goes away already!

12 weeks. Getting there!


  1. Yay! Hey Maria, thinking of you, missing you at craft group (I'll be there tmw, going slightly mental here myself, but that's another story), so glad that pregnancy is feeling a bit more real and worth the struggles, hope the nausea will start abating soon, I can't imagine that it is easy to live with and wish I could offer some help somehow...

    1. Oh, hey Becs! I've wondered about you, too. I've got this image of you living "in the sticks" (is that how that English saying goes?) with piles of stuff from the move and not really proper space to put everything away and I've wondered about how you're doing. If I were in a better shape I would've probably come out already and offered to help. Or maybe it's not as bad? You say you're going only "slightly" mental... Hmm. But anyway, one day I'll see you at craft night again and then I'll get to hear about how you're doing =).

  2. Happy, healthy, exciting, amazing.

  3. Kristina18.11.13

    I'm happy for you! When you blogged in Estonian you wrote a lot about the Kid and how he's doing but the English version is more about your thoughts and life in New Zealand, I wonder why is that? Not that there's something wrong, I love your English blog just as much :) There are so many things I agree with and the same issues I struggle with, especially concerning my life/targets/dreams vs family life and kids. Glad to read some bits about the Kid and surprised you speak Estonian with the Kid, for some reason I didn't think you do. I'd love to hear your thoughts about that.

    1. Hiya! I'm tempted to reply in Estonian ;), but I'll keep at English. The blog is... different, yes. I think partly it's because life is different now and it's not as centered around a breastfeeding baby. I mean, let's be honest, when there's a child attached to me every 3-5 hours (especially when it's for the first time in my life) then lots of my thoughts simply go around that baby, so that's what got expressed. Plus! nappies and all that other baby paraphenalia. But on the other hand it's simply that in English my brain somehow processes information differently. I don't quite understand it, but I can feel it - I am different when I speak in English than I am when I speak in Estonian. I do speak Estonian at home though, to my kid =). I want him to be somewhat used to it so he can at least understand Estonian, even if not speak it. It's uncomfortable though - I'm the only one that speaks in Estonian to him, apart from my mother on Skype, and when I do, even my husband doesn't understand what on earth I'm saying... So sometimes I simply feel like a stubborn alien, but that's alright. ;)

  4. Lets hope not much more nausea and plenty of time to actually enjoy this pregnancy! I'm glad you're teaching your son Estonian, would be a shame not to know his mum's language.