Life with The Dog: important life lessons

Things I've learned in the past few weeks (or am in the process of learning):

1) shoes need to be kept up on the shelf and NOT on the floor of the hallway;

2) leather remedial work - ie sewing new buckles onto sandals to replace chewed-up sandal buckles; sewing chewed-off straps back onto shoes and so on;

3) The Man's feet must be stinkier than mine because The Dog consistently goes for The Man's shoes even when there are mine on the floor next to them;

4) the weakest part of a needle is where the threadhole is so it makes more sense to drag the needle through leather with pincers rather than try and push it from behind because all that does is twist a needle into an L-shape;

5) leather work is actually quite cool, even if done whilst nauseous;

6) must buy more chew toys for The Dog.


  1. Anonymous21.11.13

    Every time I read about your dog I want to recommend a book. And now I am. It's No, George by chris Haughton. I think you might enjoy it (and The Kid and The Man as well).

    1. Looked it up on Goodreads - looks lovely! I'll go see if my library has it =)