On days like this I wish I lived somewhere near family or close friends.

I wish I could just drop The Kid off at my mother-in-law - or somewhere - and go to bed and sleep; or at least call a close friend, go over for a cup of tea and a good cry/swear behind his/her kitchen table; to feel like there's a shoulder and a character that cared.

Instead, I am alone in this effin' house, The Kid has had two naps 45 minutes each - meaning, two times today I've just managed to fall asleep and have been woken up by a crying toddler - I've made The Kid a bowl of pasta and upon smelling it have ended up head-first in the kitchen sink; everything smells, almost everything is nauseating and it just feels like such a long, hard day...

Being nauseous effin' sucks. Just really, really sucks.


  1. Anonymous8.11.13

    see oli sinu valik elada kaugel, aga ega mina ka ei saa seda teha sest 150km ja töötavad vanaemad on samakaugel nagu uus-meremaa

    1. Making a decision myself does not mean I'm obliged to then 100% like every aspect of it.

      And yeah, 150 kilometres and New Zealand, same thing.