Elective or not elective

It is such a small thing - it really is! - but somehow I felt such a twinge seeing it on paper.

My midwife has made a few mistakes filling in my pregnancy papers. Nothing major, just details, really... Except, under "maternal history" I am ticked off as having had an "elective cesarean" the first time 'round.

And seeing that, I just thought... I don't even know what it was exactly that I thought.

"Elective", to me, sounds like a choice, a decision made, a preference almost - and in some ways it was "elective".

After 20-something hours I really did "elect" my child - whose heart rate, mind you, had started dropping consistently - to be taken out of my tummy in whatever method necessary. At that point I really didn't care, cesarean or more labour, I just wanted us all to be healthy and happy!

And that word, "elective", somehow made it look like that night spent in a bath, and a TENS machine earlier, and then the morning, and epidural, and syntocinon - like all that was just "phew, no big deal!" sort of a thing.

And bloody hell it wasn't.

And I know, this is just my hormones talking, but... still.

Elective my a$$!


  1. Um, that's not an elective C-section. An elective one is when you decide before going into labour that you want a C-section and it's all organised, date chosen and everything. What you had was an emergency C-section; I should know, I had one for my first baby too; though in my case it wasn't him struggling, it was me. Youngest came close to an emergency C-section due to the heart rate dropping, but in the end he stabilised and we got him out the conventional route, with a little help from the ventouse. Effectively I got my VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), and despite everything recovery was much faster than it was for my first birth.

    1. Yeah, it was definitely an emergency cesarean - and to be honest, my midwife knows that. A little further on where details are written, she has hand-written out "emergency cesarean" and about the prem. waters breaking, and about the baby being small birth weight... But it's just at the beginning there she's ticked off the wrong thing - that's what I read and noticed first, and that's where I thought, bloody hell, elective my a$$!

      But a question: if you had ventouse, did they have to cut you? (You know, to make it fit in?) And if they did, was it that even considering *that* the recovery was still faster than with the cesarean?

    2. No cutting, but I did tear, even with that though the recovery was definitely faster. I think once you're fully dilated you can fit a fair bit in there if need be. To be honest I don't think I'm designed to birth babies, carry them yes, but they have difficulty getting out once cooked.