Confessions of a first season hayfever-er

In theory I probably should've known better - but theory is theory, and practice is practice, so... The Things I've Learned In My First Season of Hayfever.

I learned, for example, that itchy eyes won't actually get help from rubbing or scratching them.

That, to me, is counterintuitive because the rest of my life experience goes along the lines of 'If something itches, I scratch it, and then itching goes away' - but unfortunately in the case of hay fever and itchy eyes rubbing them simply meant that I popped some blood vessels and then even blinking became oh-so-painful.

But only in one eye.

But how do I keep my painful eye from blinking, whilst viewing the world with the other, undamaged one?

I tape it.

The Man found it hilarious (I probably would've, too, if I weren't so grumpy). I tried to explain that by blinking I kept getting hurt with each blink (as the damaged vessels kept getting rubbed against my eye/eyelid), whereas by taping it shut I could keep looking through one eye and keep the other one shut.

The Man still found it hilarious. He fished out a marker and drew an eye on my piece of tape, and then took a photo of it, me sitting on a sofa chair, grumpy, nauseous and with an eye taped shut.

But, hey!, I learned a lesson.

Hayfeverish eye? Rubbing? They do not go together, trust me on that - or if you don't, try rubbing it, too, and let me know how you go.


  1. ha ha awesome look. I also have to say goodbye to eye-make up for hay fever season and I can't stop myself rubbing!!!

  2. Hahahaha! Thank you for making my day funnier. :)