Big picture, small picture

I wrote a long, long post and then deleted it - but it kept playing in my head, over and over again.

I feel I need to write some of the stuff happening in my head down, because this is how I let go, but on the other hand I... don't want to. I'm capable of appreciating how complex this topic is to even be attempting it at 9 pm on a Friday night after a long, long tiresome week.

But it needs to come out, raw or not, sorry.

And the topic is - big picture versus small picture.

Giving birth is just about the most resource-consuming thing a person can do, ever. You know people who fly a lot? (Resources and emissions.) Waste energy a lot? (Resources and emissions.) Drive a lot? (Resources and emissions.) Well, try calculating how much adding another person into this world is going to cost, emissions- and footprint-wise, over an average lifespan, and then think how much flying, driving and wasting you'd need to do to even come close to what having a baby does to this world.

But then it's the small picture, too: families, connections, communities, cultures... People.

Driving an old car: wasteful and emissions-hungry, yes. But! Try calculating what running this car costs compared to what it would cost to recycle/dump the old one and create a new one.

Living in those big, sprawling subdivisions that New Zealand seems to love oh-so-much - how much underground communication needs to be laid, road to be laid and then maintained, land lost under roading and housing, families who are then always commuting to go anywhere and do anything. But then again, small picture: people's habits, culture of how things are done, "traditions".

Big picture: so many different religions proclaiming to have the truth and be the only way to salvation, and how senseless it is to think that if so many think they're right, who then is? But then the small picture of contentedness these religions bring to people who practice them. (And how I keep on thinking, live and let live - I allow you the space, so allow me the space, too, thank you very much.)

Just all these things where I keep hearing people talk about truth and rightfulness and push their viewpoint, stubbornly and selfishly - which I am capable of doing, too, and often do when I have a point to push - but how most of these things are way more complicated and interconnected than that.

It's not "This is right" and "This is wrong" - it's "This is right for this" and "This is not right for that".

And how in the end, everything depends on what the end result and aspiration is.

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