A little win

For about a week now The Kid has been doing a grumpy morning thing. Why - or why now? - I don't really know, but oh well.

It manifests itself in him getting upset easily and crying over otherwise petty things, like... putting a shirt on, or daddy getting up from the table, or even things we don't understand at all where he suddenly just starts crying and we're, like, what happened? Did you see what happened? I didn't see anything. Did he hit himself? Did he step on something?

No, I think he just... started crying. I think.

Part of this grumpy morning routine is not wanting porridge - or, to be exact, eating a little bit of porridge and then pointing towards other foods and demanding crepes instead, or bananas, or rice cakes.

But a week into it, I am so not heading down that path!

Usually I cannot do much about it because by 8:30 we leave the house, The Kid to our nanny and I to work, and nanny simply lets me know that he asks for food early, at, like, 9 o'clock already - as opposed to his usual 10:30ish.

But on Fridays I stay at home, and with me, mister, this is not how we play this game.

So this morning he demanded crepes, as usual, and I said, sorry, mister, but we've got porridge here. If you're still hungry, come and have my porridge, but we're not eating crepes for breakfast.

He threw himself on the floor and cried. For quite a while, too, may I say ;)

After a while we went through the same routine again: he demanded bananas and I said, sorry, kiddo, but we eat porridge for breakfast. There's still some left if you wish.

He threw himself on the floor and cried.

And for an hour and a half we did this thing, back and forth - he demanding/crying, demanding/crying, demanding/crying whilst I kept seated at the breakfast table (and killing time behind a computer), ready to offer him porridge every time he asked for something else.

And, my god, I wasn't sure if we were gonna get there, but... after an hour and a half, he looked at me, sighed and then (did this really happen!?) he climbed up onto his chair and cheerfully ate his bowl of porridge (!), now cold, and we had our usual animated morning conversation where he babbled in his baby-talk and I talked back in Estonian.

And now he's clambered down again, is playing with The Dog in his room, throwing her the ball, and I am still sitting behind the kitchen table, with a bit of a grin on my face and thinking, did this really happen? Did I really... Did he really...

He did it! I did it! He ate the porridge again!

Wow, I feel like I've actually accomplished something as a parent this morning.

PS. And in case you're wondering, I am feeling better =). Nausea started to subside this week and yesterday I actually went to sleep at 9:30 pm as opposed to my usual 7:30, 8:00 or 8:30 ;), and I feel like I'm becoming human again.

It's a great feeling, not being nauseous. I almost didn't remember how it feels like, exactly.


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