A book I want to read next

I came across this book not through search, or pregnancy forums or anything pregnancy related at all, but through a banner on a website I was reading. It looked interesting, and so I clicked, and then I headed to Goodreads to find out more.

And now I do want to read this, not only because of NICU and my own experience with its pastel-colored walls and its incessant tune of machines - monitors, screens, pumps, warming lamps - and, of course, the warning beeps that sounded every five, maybe ten minutes when someone's oxygen rate dropped and nurses rose and watched and waited, and then usually moved away again when saturation levels resumed their healthy 98% or whatever.

I want to read it because I have a feeling there might be a writer in there I relate to and understand, intuitively, sort of the way I feel when reading Gary Paulsen's "Winterdance", or lately, Dooce.

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