Up and down

Yesterday morning I arrived at a friend's place and she was frying onions. I winced and knelt on grass outside her house and yelled towards an open window, sorry, but I can't come in.

It's so weird the way it goes up and down. Yesterday afternoon everyone else was eating pizza and I had myself a piece of toast with a little butter and salt instead, because I just couldn't stomach anything else.

And yet the day before I was even able to go out with The Man and eat chinese. Chinese! That's, like, noodles, steamed dumplings and a fried chicken wing.

It's bizarre. I wake up one morning and it's reasonable, and I'm, like, yeah, I'm feeling pretty good today! And then the next day I get up and I feel from get-go that, oh sh*t, it's gonna be one of those days, isn't it... In some ways I even feel like a fraud because how can someone eat Chinese one day and then have crackers and water the next night, but heck, that's how it's going this time.

One day I have lunch with the others at work, no problem, and the next day I approach the kitchen and run out the back door because the smell of it makes me retch.

Bizarre. So different.

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