Two stripes

So, here's the thing: I'm pregnant.

I thought I'd come up with a cleverer or funnier or just otherwise better way of sharing this, but the truth is that at the moment I am simply not, well... feeling that good.

It's nothing major, just some nausea and overall tiredness and now, also, a cold, so I'm still functioning at a comparatively fair level (and compared to the last time when by this date I was doing daily vomiting already, this one's great!) but still, whatever creative juices were there before, I'm simply not feeling it.

But I wanted to share it nevertheless.

Last time, with The Kid, I kept the general audience at bay until a much later time: I needed the space and so did, I think, The Man. It was our first and given the history of PCOS and thyroid issues, I wasn't sure how well it would keep, so for a while I kept it to myself - as much as vomiting allowed.

This time I feel different.

It's been very important to me to know that two and a half years ago my body carried a child to full term, healthily, and I've been feeling very grateful towards it for that. It did well - we all did well. The Kid is running around happily now, creating both laughter and trouble, and our lives have never been the same since.

And so this time I am feeling much more accepting towards whatever other scenarios pregnancies can go at - as they sometimes do - because I feel that whatever my body is doing, it is doing the best it can. I am feeling very accepting towards it this time, because I know it's already done well once. I don't feel the need for the shelter of the first trimester because at 6 weeks I already feel like sharing, whoa, I'm pregnant!

Because the thing is, up until this weekend even I was dubious. You know how they say that technically anything beyond day 21 is considered late ovulation, and women go through a lot of medication/therapies in order to bump that date earlier?

Well, but... how does 80-something sound?! Because by what I can tell at the moment, this is exactly what has happened.

When I saw two faint stripes appear on a stick last Tuesday, at Creative Mama's place, I actually went and fetched her into the bathroom because I couldn't fit it in my head that there were, actually, two stripes on that stick there. I'd never even heard of anyone getting pregnant that late in their cycle and I wasn't sure I wasn't seeing things.

I wasn't expecting to see two stripes. I'd gone exceptionally tired and sad the weekend before and so my idea behind buying those pregnancy tests was that it's either that or I'm depressed, and I was fairly certain that pregnancy tests were going to come up negative, but Creative Mama, too, saw two stripes there and I was, like, whoa!

The Man, when I shared the news with him at home, had a reaction that was somewhat similar. He got out the sheet of instructions that comes with every pregnancy test and started reading into fine print - of the few other things that could, potentially, register as incorrect positive results.

Is it possible I am having uterine cancer?
Is it possible I am having a cyst that has bumped my hormone levels?

But no, even at an ultrasound this Saturday - because I couldn't, possibly, wait until Tuesday when I could've gone for free - they quite clearly pointed out that I was happily 6 weeks pregnant and with a heartbeat, and both of us, me and The Man, sort of went... oh.

So it's for real then, isn't it.

And in some ways, I am still sitting here, thinking, wow. I'm pregnant.

But here you go.

And on a writing note: at the moment the nausea is still building, so I wouldn't expect much writing here if I were you as I don't know yet how far we'll be going this time 'round. Fingers crossed, it'll be easier as I simply can't fit it in my head how I am going to take care of The Kid and The Dog otherwise, but here you go.

Happy Monday evening to you, too =)


  1. Wohoo! I love that you are appreciating your body so much for working so hard for you. I just whinged and moaned about how awful I felt! xxxx

  2. Yay Maria! (The things you miss when you miss craft group....)

  3. Palju õnne!

    Ja positiivselt kade :P Kui väga hulluks läheb, siis mõtle, et see on vaid väga lühike osa sinu elust. Ainult mõned kuud.

  4. Önne! Lastel hea koos mängida, kui ei ole suurt vanusevahet. Su loodusepildid on fantastilised.

  5. What a lovely surprise! Congratulations!

  6. Life just happens... congrats! :)

  7. That's awesome news! Congratulations! I wouldn't be able to wait until Monday either.

    You'll manage. As you do. I hear that many people go on to have a second 'kid'...

    I'm happy for you that pregnancy is going a little easier for you than last time. Maybe your body is saying, "Hey, I know what I'm doing now. I've got this."

  8. Each pregnancy is different; sounds like yours are going in the right direction, which is less sick than last time. Though if it changes you'll work some way of coping out, people do. Mine I'm ashamed to say was tv for my first born cos I felt pretty awful despite not throwing up.