Taking it easy (even if *that* feels tiresome)

I went to town today. Wow! Four and a half hours and I feel like I've done some heavy physical exercise. For all the things I wanted to do/get, in the end I simply packed myself back in the car and drove home, and sent The Man a text that sorry, but I've done jack sh*t and didn't even get groceries, because I'm just tired, tired, tired.

But! I'm not nauseous =).

I got to visit Addington Coffee Co-Op again and eat food alongside The Kid who made an effin' mess. I got to visit a friend in a hospital and carry The Kid on my shoulders a lot (and now my back feels like it's compressed, but hey). I got to drive around Beckenham, thinking, I know this house is here somewhere, I've been here, come on, where is it? I got to see a doctor and get a second prescription of antihistamines so they would finally let me sleep. I got to... what else did I get to do?

Oh, sorry, that's it. Drive, doctor, hospital, food, home - that's it. Whatever else needs doing, well, tough luck, because it'll get postponed into "sometime later".

Yeah. And as soon as The Kid decides to go to sleep, I'm going to go to bed, too.


  1. ha ha I am glad you found me!! :o) Some days you only get small things done, shorter 'to do' list is what you need

  2. Consider what you did get done, not what you didn't!

    1. the important things! =D

      * see doctor (very important)
      * see a friend (very important)
      * eat nice food (very important, and very yummy)