Seing what "auto-enhancement" does to other people's images

This is so cool...

Since I learned about Blogger's "auto-enhancement" and how to switch it off, almost every time I come across a blog with a white background now, I tilt my screen to see how other people's headers and footers and side menus look against their white background.

And it's been a total wow moment for me.

Turns out, blogs I never even considered had a problem with their color balance, do - they have the same thing I did, that same "halo" around images that sit on a white background.

That Bloggers Connecting website has this problem is of no surprise to me - I, myself, uploaded those logos on the right hand side; and so if my blog has a problem with images that have a "white" background that isn't really as much white as it is mild grey, then it only makes sense that Bloggers Connecting has that problem, too.

(Mind you, not all the logos are like that - Google must've made that change sometime in the middle of our organising process because whilst Creative Memories logo, if I change the exposure, is totally out of whack...

...Whittaker's logo, on the other hand, is fine...

...and Whittaker got uploaded earlier.

And you might not even be able to tell, but on both logos I've changed the exposure almost all the way - on Whittaker's it's just not making a lot of difference.)

But then there are other websites - websites where I never even suspected that images are off-white until I started to get so curious that I started tilting my screen to check it out.

An utterly lovely dee*construction, for example: little grey spots up the middle and a grey box around the flower. (And yet again, with exposure changed almost all the way to make it visible.)

Another utterly lovely The Simple Life: same thing.

Or Freedom Creative, which is a header I really, really like: again, same thing.

And I'm not a designer, nor a computer programmer, and I don't know how these headers have been made, so I'm not saying that's where the problem is and maybe there's something else going on here that I'm not aware of, but... doesn't that make you wonder?

It does make me wonder.

I'm not obsessed: all I'm doing is that when I come across a website with a white background, I tilt the screen and see if the images are grey instead, but it's just time and time again I'm seeing websites like this - like mine - where there are grey "halos" around images and I keep wondering, why did it happen?

How do colours change between JPG, PNG, BMP and other formats? How do different (editing) softwares treat colour? How do web editing softwares treat colour? What is, in computer speak, a definition of colour?

And why was something like that - the fact that Google uses "auto-enhancement" on images uploaded through Blogger - so difficult for me to find through Google? It took me over an hour of playing and trying and testing and reading until I realised where the trouble was.

And now I wonder, does the "auto-enhancement" treat all file formats the same, or does it "enhance" JPG files differently from, say, PNG files?

Because here's the thing: not all websites have images with grey noise; and the ones that don't, more often than not their headers are in PNG format.

And it just makes me really curious.

Besides, it's Friday morning, 10 am, I'm in bed, and it's a good topic to research.


  1. Hi :o) I have visited your blog a few times before from KMB, you talk about such interesting things! :o)

    This post caught my attention today because the issue of 'auto enhancement' has been driving me crazy in the past few days. As far as I have researched, it is a Google+ issue. I accidentally created a G+ profile and it INSTANTLY ruined my photos. It has been a long, frustrating work in progress to try and get them back to normal. I deleted my G+ profile (that I didn't even want in the first place) but it is still doing it. Even now, I can upload a brand new image onto blogger and it turns grey or pixelated. I am not very techy so it's driving me insane! After hours of fiddling with settings, one thing I cannot get back to normal is my Blogger profile pic in the side bar under 'About'. It is now a lovely shade of murky grey :o( Anyway, enough of my rant - let me know if you figure anything else out! This was a very timely post for me to read :o)

    1. *went and visited the website

      oh... i can see what you mean =)

      well, one idea (which i haven't tried myself yet, but i'm just throwing it out there) is to upload your profile pic elsewhere, say, to flickr - basically somewhere where google's "auto-enhancement" fingers can't reach - and then link it in from there.

      it would mean that you'd need to add it with one of those html options google gives you for a sidebar, so that the code looks something like this:

      < img src="your-flickr-photo-address-from-the-address-bar" height="80" width="80">

      (and because blogger doesn't let me put html code into comments, then there shouldn't really be a space between "<" and "img")