Russians on the line

The radio we use at work sometimes picks up transmissions from the Lyttelton Harbour. Today, there were men talking in Russian on the line - probably from one of the Russian ships docked at Lyttelton Port.

My manager asked that I say into the radio that we welcome them into the harbour and, basically, greetings to all! (And, in case it's not clear to you yet - I was to say it in Russian which is a language I'm fortunate enough to know.)

And so I did. And then... silence ensued.

After a while Russians started talking again and I piped in, saying, I can hear you talk but I'm not understanding every word you're saying. (It was quite fast talk, after all, and it is a radio transmission, after all.)

Again, silence ensued.

Me and my workmates stood there, wondering: what are the Russians thinking? What do they make of a woman suddenly coming on air, in a heavily accented Russian, and welcoming them in?

Some years ago, I hear, my manager and his friends used to go down to port and make friends with Russians - play volleyball, bring them over for a barbecue, chill out. I'd like it very much if they still did that =)

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