On the weekend gone past

It's eased a little bit, thankfully, and that easing has given me enough space to have started telling myself, "I am strong and I am healthy."

So now every day, several times a day, as I go through my day I tell myself, "I am strong and I am healthy."

This past weekend we got ourselves together and tackled the yard - The Man, mostly, but I, too. We got out the weedeater and moved around wood, and raked.

Saturday was pretty rough still so as I moved around the grass with a weedstrimmer, every now and again I stopped and sat for a while. Maybe cried a little bit. The Man was patient: he saw I needed to do something in order to feel like I've done something, so he let me take my time. And I did. (The backyard still looks like a jungle, but what the heck.)

A pile of tree stumps became a climbing hill for The Kid.

Strawberries that have been flowering since August got cleaned up a little bit.

And a pile of pallets that will one day become a woodstore became another climbing frame.

That's how we roll here: patiently, quietly. Little bit at a time.


  1. Your hair looks awesome. :)

    1. yeah, but that's about the only part that does =)

  2. Oi Mann. Sa näed nii hea välja selle soenguga!

  3. Mann, elu pole üldse nii hull kui sa isegi juuksurisse jõuad :) (ma tegelt jõuaks ka kui viitsiks ette võtta). Väga lahe sonks!!

    1. daki ma kaisin juuksuris KAKS KUUD TAGASI


      no way ma istuks praegu seal toolis koigi nende lohnade keskel...