On feeling hopeful

Yuss. Yuss! YUSS!

They gave me antihistamines. They gave me antihistamines! They gave me antihistamines!!!

I am relieved and grateful beyond... I don't even know how to explain it. I feel like I could wee my pants just out of sheer pleasure of this relief.

Okay, so it's not working yet - and I cannot breathe through my nose yet... but! I am feeling so effin', frickin', undoubtedly hopeful.

I'm hopeful that this coming night when antihistamines have kicked in, I'll get to sleep until morning and then, when this sleep leaves me feeling rested, I'll feel better about life and food in general, and then... Jesus, the possibilities are limitless.

Never in my life did I expect that hayfever changes people's lives to such extent. So I'd heard (through commercials, mostly, I think) of how people's noses were runny and eyes were itchy and yada-yada - you know the deal - but when I suddenly got it myself, it was, like, whoa, dude.

Just this lack of sleep, I think, which then robs from almost every other aspect of life. Relationships, patience, energy - all of it goes when sleep goes, and to me, when breathing-through-nose goes, sleep goes.

And then add nausea and, bang!, you've got this recipe for weeks of whinging on my behalf.

But, man!, I feel hopeful that it'll get better now. I almost feel like I could eat a pizza now, just out of sheer relief.


  1. I hope they work even better than expected. Hay fever sucks, I have it at present, but morning sickness is worse

  2. Lack of sleep probably isn't helping the nausea either; hope the antihistamines work for you and you get some restful sleep.

  3. Oh Maria! My hay fever made me cry and made me so stabby when I was preggers! I have it really bad at the moment also, 1 loratab barely does anything!