On being nauseous

3 am - a bite of salty cracker, a mouthful of water.
5:30 am - a bite of salty cracker, a mouthful of water.

7 am - a slow, patient, drawn-out breakfast. Mouthful after mouthful, eat, Maria, eat, it's good for you. It will make is easier, eventually. Mouthful after mouthful. Ginger tea.

By about 8 am I'm feeling pretty good. Woohoo! Every time I walk past the fruit bowl, I grab a mouthful of banana or maybe a tangerine; I keep eating, hour after hour, small bites, continuously.

When at about 9 am I am still feeling pretty good, I get suspicious: is it okay for morning sickness to subside already? Is everything okay? Should I be worried?

And then I get complacent. The Kid is down for a morning nap, so I lay in bed, too, and watch a movie. I feel a slight pang of hunger, but think, nah, I'll be alright.

And then, suddenly, at about 11 am I am standing by the kitchen sink, frantically chewing on a piece of cracker that tastes horribly dry and nauseating, but I have to get some carbohydrates down, quick, or else... Everything smells, from the sink to the washcloth to the rubbish bin. Even the kitchen itself, it smells. Everything smells! Horribly!

The Kid wakes from his nap, demands food. I pick him up, stand by the kitchen sink making him a piece of peanut butter toast, and the smell of it keeps pushing me to retch. It's such sickly sweet... yugh.

And as I stand there, I am thinking to myself: yeah, Maria, it was such a wonderful moment there when you thought this thing is subsiding and you're cool enough that you don't have to keep taking care of it. Nice work.

And now after about an hour of keeping the retching down, I am finally starting to feel reasonable again.

I have to find some other ways of doing it though because there's only so long I can eat toast and crackers without going bonkers - for whatever reason fruit isn't helping, and neither are veggies, or dairy. Even rice crackers are nauseating.

Cracker-making companies, bring it on. I'll be eating a lot of your stuff for the foreseeable future, so, please, offer me some variety - it's very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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