On afternoons and life's beauty

Up and down, up and down.

At some points - in the morning, for example, after I've taken B6 and a little bit of food (whether it actually helps or I'm just making it up in my head, I don't care, because either way it works) - when it feels like nausea is subsiding, I, on one hand, think gratefully, "Phew, it's subsiding!" and on the other hand I think suspiciously, "Why is it subsiding?"

But then at other points I find myself laying on the floor in the kitchen thinking, subsiding my a$$.

Because here's the thing: life's full of beautiful moments. Yesterday morning for example: though I'm on a mission of getting The Kid out of nappies this summer, he isn't there yet so he, well... poops in his nappy sometimes. No big deal, right? Right.

So: I lift him in the bathtub and take off that stinky nappy to wash him down with a showerhead, and suddenly I am head-down in that bathtub, retching.

"Gaaaack... Guaaaaaack! Brhhhguaaaaack!"

(Because it smells. It really does.)

And The Kid is just standing there, naked-butt, horrified, with big wide eyes looking at me and probably thinking, what the hell is she doing!? Is she angry at me?! Please don't do it anymore! Please stop! I'm scared!

All whilst I am head down and thinking, sh*t, this is so bewitchingly glamorous I don't even know what to do with myself.

But no, I did do something with myself: I stopped gagging and held my breath and dealt to that nappy and carried on.

So yeah, life's beautiful. At the moment, for example, I am reasonably happy and sitting behind a kitchen table and typing away. The sun is behind a cloud, but it was shining just a few minutes ago. The Kid is eating his apple. The Dog is running outside. I'm thinking of... making a sandwich.

An afternoon, basically.


  1. Ahhhh, I am currently similarly overwhelmed with life's monotony and the beauty of it! Congrats on your pregnancy, though the reminder of your morning sickness is all too familiar, it was just a year ago I was suffering hard out!

    1. I know I'm over a month late with replying to this, but hi Melissa, and thanks for popping by =). I'm going through my comments this morning, the ones I've pretty much ignored for a month, and just wanted to say that although maybe it didn't look like it, it really did help to keep on having people pop in and say that they're thinking of me, or how they were sick, too (and how "morning" sickness sucks), and just generally... well... it didn't feel so alone then, standing by the kitchen sink. So thank you!