Not fun

I know, this is not fun whinging here like that, but it's just... ugh.

It so clearly reminds me of three years ago when September and October were spent mostly looking green in the face and keeping the sink empty.

And that feeling of finally laying in bed in the evening and waiting for sleep to come because it'll give some respite for 8 or 9 hours? That was yesterday - three years ago September and October, and yesterday.

And in many ways I am grateful, because this is not even remotely as bad as it was last time: I am able to keep down food and water and I'm not outright losing weight because of vomiting, in fact I haven't vomited a single time this time, and have always managed to gag but keep it down... but still. This feeling nauseous, from the morning until going to bed at night, it just sucks.

Like, really - really sucks.

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  1. Sounds like I was when pregnant with Ian; only vomited once in the pregnancy; felt nausea the whole damned time! That was one of the reasons why a vasectomy seemed like a marvellous idea afterwards for my beloved.