Another one of those

This morning, itching started. At first it was a spot on my chin and I though, alright then, but then it was my neck, too, and soon after, an armpit. Scratching felt good, but it didn't relieve the itching past the moment of scratching itself, so as soon as I lifted my fingers, itching returned.

And then when at one point I was sitting there with both my shoulders and the whole of my upper back itching, and my neck, and my face, I thought, wait a minute. That's not okay.

So I googled - like people generally do now, right?, when they have symptoms - and among the top ten causes of itching there was... guess what?

Hormonal changes in pregnancy. And I was, like, oh... nice. So it's another one of those then...

It's so different, this time. Up and down, up and down I go. I get good moments, like now when I'm sitting behind the kitchen table and drinking Mac's ginger beer, but then I also get moments like today's morning when I was standing by the back porch, retching, or yesterday evening when I was laying in bed, crying.

It rains and my nose clears considerably, and then it warms up again and the wind starts blowing, and I'm walking around with an old t-shirt over my shoulder because not a single "hanky" can endure what's coming out of my nostrils at the moment, just... eww. Snot beyond snot.

And at one moment, I'm eating a cheese sandwich with tomato, quite happily, and mere hours later I am, literally, crying as I try to chew on a piece of potato or a cracker because I feel that if I go hungry, it's gonna be even worse! And whichever way I go about it, I'm nauseous.

So, so, so different.

I am strong and I am healthy.

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