Wills and humour

A friend of a friend is a successful businessman, a geek-turned-millionaire - and turns out, with humour.

He made a will - an official, certified-by-an-attorney will - and in it he said that in case of his death his money is to be split equally between his sister and his brother, with a single clause: they are to spend it within 10 days of his death.

Can't invest it.
Can't put it away in the bank.
Can't give it away.
Can't donate it.
Whatever's not spent within 10 days goes to government.

So... gotta buy stuff! Whatever - cars, houses, yachts, jewellery, companies - as long as it's done within 10 days.

And it makes me smile to think about it, to think about a guy that doesn't take death too seriously and is able to have fun with it.


  1. This has happened for real? This is so cool :) I remember watching movies about these situations and thinking what I would do. Unbelievable

  2. You'd probably cry, laugh and swear at your brother all at the same time =D

  3. I would ask my brother for advice on how to spend it all :)

    1. Ah nah, I mean if this guy WAS your brother =P. You'd swear at him if he died and left you buying up s*it 'n stuff =D

  4. ahahahaa, got it!! :D you are right!

  5. You can always buy a trip around the world for next ... how many years? That what I would do.