Twelve months

It's an old joke, apparently, but I'd never heard of it until I moved to New Zealand.

I was sitting in a bar, talking to someone, and upon hearing that I'm from Estonia the first thing they asked was, "How do you say "twelve months" in Estonian?" A bit puzzled, I answered without hesitation, "Kaksteist kuud."

The boys roared out laughing. I was sitting there, looking at them and thinking, what the ...?

"Say it again," one of them asked, "How do you say it?" - "Kaksteist kuud," I replied again.

The same result: loud, roaring laughter ensued and I was still sitting there, puzzled. What on earth are they laughing about?

It wasn't until one of them said it back to me, in English, that I understood that phonetically the kaksteist kuud sounds, to an English speaking person, as cocks. Taste. Good.

Cocks taste good.

(Uhm... khm!)

I'm not pulling your leg here - Google it if you want. It does sound like that. Cocks taste good. It really does!

And on another Estonian curiosity, if translated literally an ambulance in Estonian is "fast help" and vacuum cleaner is "dust sucker".

A wonderful language, isn't it?

And to finish off on a homely note, I love to see how these two are starting to learn to play with each other. He still gets pushed over by her sometimes - sometimes even intentionally - but they are also starting to get those moments when they are running around the house, The Kid laughing and squealing with glee, The Dog licking him and "mouthing" around his hands but not really biting, and it looks like a beginning of a lifelong friendship.

It's been twelve months since I moved to Christchurch. Twelve months since this hill became my home.

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