Total world dominance

Other parents will probably understand me on this one, but do you know that moment when your toddler has thrown himself onto the floor, banging with his feet and fists angrily, crying because you're not letting him climb onto the kitchen counter or saying that knives are for big people, not children's toys, and ensuing whinging starts to feel hearing-damaging?

The sentence that helps me the most then is that toddlers want total world dominance and nothing less.

It puts things into perspective. It explains why he cries exactly the same way when a rectangular block doesn't fit into a round hole - after all, in his world it should. Why? Because he wants it and therefore it should!

Toddlers are such fun people.

PS. On another note, can somebody tell me if Canterbury strawberries are really supposed to be flowering (and having little green strawberries on them already) in AUGUST?!

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  1. Hea lause! Jätan meelde järgmiseks korraks kui Johannes selle sama inina saatel põrandale viskub ja krokodillipisaraid valab mingi x asja pärast...