This has all the beginnings of being introduced as "Maria, our wacky next door neighbor"

My neighbor is getting married today. I'm about to leave our house to go to her wedding reception, but I was rummaging through my drawer only to realise I haven't got a single flesh-colored pair of pantyhose here - only black.

And then I went to put on my shoes and realised that I've left my nice shoes at work, so the choices I have left here are hiking boots, sneakers, flip-flops and sandals.

So, yeah, when you see me approach the reception building wearing a white dress coupled with black pantyhose and hiking boots, then it's because I'm organised like that. And! Before you ask me why don't I put something else on then - everything else is, after yesterday's moth infestation, in the freezer. Things I haven't put in the freezer are some t-shirts and jeans.

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