Search words people land on this blog with

A while ago I made a post about search words people have landed in my blog with - the other, Estonian one. It was informative and amusing and slightly perturbing for with some of that stuff I really had no clue how it got connected to my blog.

I thought I'd revisit it again, see what's changed.

* hoidised paradiisiõuntest - preserves with apples (And then lots of combinations of the same, ie "what to do with apples", "syrup with apples" etc. Understandable, sort of, given that I did write about it once - but thousands of searches? Really?)
* uus-meremaal sünnitamine - giving birth in New Zealand (Again, I'm not surprised at all that I'm getting that stuff, but I am surprised about the number of people that Google the thing.)
* sabakont - tailbone 
* politseitõend - police certificate (I went through Immigration New Zealand application processes six times. Six!)
* miks käed valutavad - why hands hurt (Uhm... I don't know why. Or do I?)
* merikurat - anglerfish (Yeah, I did write about that guy once...)
* tagumik - butt (A bit embarrassing to say, but also, hundreds of searches...)
* koerte kaablid - dog cables
* enesetsensuur - self cencorship
* ilus kodu - beautiful home
* luuüdi proov - bone marrow test (Sounds painful.)
* ilus tagumik - beautiful butt (Thanks, I guess...)
* kivi peal on kivi - a stone lay on top of a stone (Okay...)
* roheline tatt - green snot (Yuk.)
* kõik valutab - everything hurts
* soome käbisid korjama - to Finland to pick pinecones (Huh?)
* aevastamise sündroom - sneezing syndrome (That stuff exists?)
* are you fucking kidding me eestikeelne tähendus - are you fucking kidding me meaning in Estonian (Glad I was of help.)
* automootori osad - car engine parts (There's NO WAY they found anything even remotely helpful on my blog! Good luck elsewhere.)
* elu on ilus särk - life is a beautiful shirt
* juuksed kukuvad peast - hair falling off head
* kas rinnaga toitmisel võib rabarberit süüa - is it okay to eat rhubarb whilst breastfeeding (So, is it?)
* kõht on tühi aga söömine ei aita - hungry but eating doesn't help (That, also, sounds painful. And sad.)
* kunstnoku - artificial penis (I've written about that? Really?)

Basically, anything that has to do with 1) being pregnant, 2) babies being ill or premature and 3) recipes is going to get thousands of hits. Seriously: thousands.

This blog, however, doesn't look even remotely as interesting as far as search words are concerned. Here, have a look.

* heart palpitations (And lots of combinations of the same.)
* goose feather duvets 
* northern lights new zealand 
* ernest adams biscuits 
* loom how to build 
* is this weekend a good time to see the southern lights in new zealand (In short, no.)
* an afternoon walk 
* anxiety heart flutters and dizziness 
* the coolest thing your washing machine can do
* difference of american english and new zealand english 
* lick me like a dog (I won't, but I have a dog that can do that if that helps?)
* dizzy and diarrhea in morning + anxiety (Sorry, can't help you on the diarrhea part.)
* dizzy spells and woke up last night and had to catch my breath 
* euthanasia nz 
* feeding tukkathyme 
* judge børge espeland 
* letter to my 13 year old self 
* no insulation in roof but i've signed the lease (Too bad.)

I think overall it shows the difference between writing in a language that's spoken by about a million people, and writing in a language that Internet is full of - in English this blog is just one of many, many, many, many blogs out there.

I sort of wish I had some more nutters with their quirky searchwords land on this blog though. Keep me amused.

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  1. Kristina4.9.13

    There are videos in youtobe where english-speaking people try to pronounce VÖÖÜMBERMÕÕT and are quite convinced this means I AM GAY :D:D:D