On up and down

Life goes in cycles: a while ago I wrote about riding a high and now it's down time, a low point. Tired, frustrated and bored.


  1. If I could look at you and cross my eyes and pull a face to either a. make you smile or b. make you confused, I would.

    PS I hope this makes you smile.
    PS If it doesn't and you're just confused, then I have not failed.
    PS Please smile! :)
    PS *hug*
    PS I wish I had awesome memories of my grandmother teaching me to cook/bake. I can only remember the yuck cups of tea she would make us kids and the time she made a pavlova - it was covered in ants and she couldn't tell because her eyesight was so bad.

    1. Confused.

      But then again, it did make me smile - seeing the effort you've put into writing this. It felt like a hug. Thank you.