On dreams and meltdowns

You know what? If the same frustration/thought/meltdown keeps coming back, over and over again, in increasing intensities - maybe it's a (f*cking) sign that I should (f*cking) listen to it (at last) and (f*cking) do something about it(, smartass)!

It's like The Kid: at first it is don't scratch your forehead, nicely, then it's don't scratch your forehead, a little louder, and eventually it'll be alright, we're putting builder-grade band-aid on and stop complaining, yeah?, because this is getting ridiculous, you've had this thing on your forehead for three months now.

Three months!

So it's the same with me. At first I'll have a little meltdown, get over it, think, yeah, I can handle it. I can handle a little stress here and there.

Then I'll have a little bigger meltdown over the same thing. Get over it again. Think, yeah, I can still handle it.

Until eventually I'll have that mother of meltdowns when I'm going to finally pick my dreams off the floor and say, look, I understand this whole adult responsibilities concept and stuff, but life isn't meant to be lived regretting, so I'm going to go do what's important to me now.

And then some time later I'm probably going to look back and think, how come I didn't do that sooner? And what was all the fuss about, anyway?

Dreams, dreams, dreams Maria. Yes, there are dishes in the sink again and another load of washing needs to be hang up, but seriously: dreams. Dreams. Dreams!

Tuesday morning meltdown. A mild one.

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  1. This forehead thing, you are lucky - my girl had this kind of thing IN HER HAIR. And she f*cking scratched it. Every. Single. Day. And night. Especially night, actually. I tried band-aid (does not stay in hair), I tried sleeping with gloves and/or hat (will come off during night)... And I don't remember how it finally got ok.

    So yeah, you are lucky it's just forehead :D