On crazy blog designs

To those of you that are reading this blog right from this URL (ie, address) and not through some sort of a reader that spares you the design choices - I apologise. It'll be some pretty random colors and fonts for a few days whilst I am getting this place sorted, so bear with me.

I've come down with some sort of an illness/bug today, so after spending hours and hours sleeping this afternoon I've now decided to keep myself awake until 9 pm - to help me sleep during the night - and whilst I do that I'm keeping myself amused with digging through this blog's HTML. Not the fanciest of occupations, but, hey!, it works.

I've figured out how to take off annoying links in the footer ("Powered by Blogger" and "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" that have been bugging me for ages), and borders around my posts and images, and I'm not sure I'll even get to any prettyfying today, but for now clearing away trash will work just as well, so here I am, and I apologise, but we'll get there.

One day.


  1. Love the new look! Is a blogspot theme or wordpress?

    1. Uhm... I'm not sure what you mean by "a theme", but I *think* the answer to your question is: a Blogspot template called "Watermark" which is then heavily edited. Basically, it's one of the generic options Blogger gives if you make a blog, except on the original Watermark we're talking pink background and yellow text boxes - a far cry from stripping it down to white, grey and orange.

  2. OH my goodness. PLEASE tell me how to get rid of that hideous grey border/shadow that blogger puts on photos. Eugh.