Life with The Dog: I'm your hero

Remember me mentioning that The Dog likes to dig, a lot? Like, here and then here (and probably more but I simply don't feel like going through my archives to link it all up)?

Well, me and The Man worked on a bit more fencing today and fencing, so you know it, involves digging real nice and deep holes for posts to sit into. The deeper the nicer.

And I swear, The Dog sat/lay next to me all through this digging exercise, intently staring into the hole I was digging and then doing a bit of digging on her own, next to me. And as she kept watching me dig ever deeper, I thought to myself, "If she could talk right now she would so say to me, dude, this is so cool what you're doing".

Or to put it shortly: The Dog thinks I'm her hero.

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  1. I really love the series Life with The Dog :D
    Labradors seem to be the most dog a dog can be... Mine is the complete opposite