Learning to use photoshop

Oh, almost forgot to add: if over the next few weeks or months, depending on how I go, you see this blog start changing color and getting new menus and stuff, then know that this is just me learning how to use Photoshop.

I ain't hardcore: all I'm doing at the moment is looking up basic Youtube tutorials and then following their instructions, bit by bit, until what I see on my screen resembles what those Youtube guys talk about, and I'm not talking about studious determination either, just a half an hour here or there, mostly right before sleep, laying in bed and with my headphones on. I'm not looking to become a guru, all I want at the moment is to get at least some sort of an idea on what Photoshop does so I wouldn't freak out every time I open it up on my computer.

And the thing is, it feels a bit silly spending all that time creating something and working on something and then just hiding it away somewhere, so I've decided that I'm going to start sticking it all up on this blog. It's also a bit of a warning: if you're not a fan of crazy, rookie Photoshop designs then I suggest you switch into Reader now - or, actually, given that Reader's gone whatever else you're using now to view blogs, because this place is gonna go wild for a while.

For the last few days, for example, I've been learning how to cut people and animals out of colorful backgrounds, and how to then move them around in the same space so they make up a sort of a collage. Like this:

And given that I cut off Ronan The Sheep's leg and didn't notice until I'd already made other changes to that file, I also had to learn how to... make Ronan The Sheep a new leg. Basically, copy one of his remaining three legs, paste it onto where the cut-off leg used to be and then make a few changes to it so it wouldn't look like the exact copy of the other one.

I think I might stick this image in the footer somewhere. I'll get there, eventually.

But, yeah, I'm still feeling a bit "omg" about it every time I open the bloody thing on my computer. It's just, like... there's so much stuff on it. Geesh.

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