Celebrate the house

I made an important decision this morning.

We were playing our usual game - I was folding the bed sheets, The Kid was trying to stand on them - and I looked at the pile of already folded sheets, every single one of them different from others and thought, boy, when our parents come for a visit over Christmas I hope they don't try buying us matching bed sheets, like "normal" people.

It's the picture I have in my head: normal people who aren't busy saving up money for their homes and living on single incomes whilst children are little, they have matching bed sheets.

And then I thought: you know what? F*ck this. Matching bed sheets aren't about being normal, it's about taste preferences. How many houses have I been to that are eclectic, meaning, there's lots of different "un-matching" stuff that somehow, in the overall picture, makes everything fit?

My pile of bed sheets doesn't have to be about circumstances - it can be about choice.

I've been looking at this house as a place to be for now whilst we are saving up money for our own place and so I've been limiting the work I do, if not to minimum then to basics at least.

Yes, we carpeted the place.
Yes, we insulated.
Yes, we fenced.

But I haven't renovated the kitchen, haven't wallpapered, haven't put in more effort than is necessary to make it homely.

Today when I was folding the sheets I suddenly thought: you know what? F*ck this. If I am living in this house and God knows how long I'll be living here, I might as well just live here as if it's mine and if I want that damn wallpaper to go up, well, so it should happen.

Yes, it costs. Yes, it's cheaper keeping it as is. But you know what? It's also frustrating to keep looking at this wall and thinking, if this was mine I would put a rainbow on this wall and bring some happiness in.

And then I thought: I'll start celebrating this house. Yes, it's old; yes, it's inefficient; yes, it's... old, but I am going to celebrate where I live and I am going to stop looking at it as a temporary place to be before we head to our own home - sometime in the future, whenever that is - and I will celebrate what it is, now.

And I am going to celebrate the pile of bed sheets, every single one of them different...

Thomas The Engine pillowcase, by the way, is mine. I like it.

...and the old flower pot where Hazel lives.

Hazel is a little hazelnut plant we picked up in Wanaka two years ago. The Man has been taking care of it meticulously, putting it out in the cold over winter so it can hibernate and then bringing it inside over summer again.

It did happen that here the goats decided Hazel was yummy and ate almost the entire plant, but she has risen from the dead again and continued growing.

The pot is old and battered, but if I look at it less as something I'm stuck with and more like what do I think of it?, I have to admit that I actually like it.

And I shall celebrate that.


  1. I know the feeling. When I moved out and my parents visited me, my mom saw my bedroom and all she said was: you.... you have..... RED bed sheets?!?!?!?!?!?!" She was really disappointed :) and I felt like I live in brothel.... I also grew up in house where ALL bed sheets were white

  2. I have to have matching bedsheets. OCD :P Other people can have mismatching :) Even if i sleep over.

  3. I think there's a beauty in mismatched stuff :) Brings joy and you living there are the only people who should care.

    All my towels are mismatched and I love it.

    And isn't this deliberating. Make it your home while it is your home. You are investing into your happiness at this minute. You will save up the same amount you will spend on wallpaper eventually, but the feeling you get from new wallpaper will be priceless :)