A weekend gone past

A very busy, very productive weekend - the sort where on a Monday I'll be all sore and stiff from the exercise. Tuesday, possibly even worse! However, fencing is almost finished!

I get to have a veggie patch this year, a real veggie patch where cows and dogs (and hopefully chickens and goats though I'm not holding my breath on that one) can't come in, a place where I can stick my fingers in the soil and potter around a bit in the evening. A place to grow things!

I'm excited. Worn out, but excited.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with the photos from the weekend gone past. It's good to know that a very grumpy, very heated argument that I started my weekend with seems to have settled now and that everyone got to enjoy and take in the beautiful weather we've had. And what a better way to make amends than to hug and to say, "I'm sorry".

And to those of you wondering and asking: don't worry, nothing special, it was just a very tired (Friday evening sort of tired) couple having a go at each other. Both me and The Man should come with a warning sign "Do not involve in discussions when tired and hungry!" But all is well now. No-one ended up sleeping in the spare bedroom =D.

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