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Every now and again it pops up again: 6 years ago a lady, a nutritional scientist, was giving us a lecture on food, eating and general nutrition. Among the other (fascinating) things she said was: vitamin A is fat soluble, meaning, if you've decided to get all healthy and have a salad for lunch, a bit of olive oil (or whatever other oily, fatty substance) will take you places - otherwise that carrot will simply make its way out the other end and good luck with your vision (and other things vitamin A is good for) then.

And I know, Wikipedia is the place to quote things from, right?, but here's the thing:

"Vitamin A deficiency is estimated to affect approximately one third of children under the age of five around the world. /.../ Approximately 250,000–500,000 children in developing countries become blind each year owing to vitamin A deficiency, with the highest prevalence in Southeast Asia and Africa."

A carrot - a little bit of carrot and a drop of olive oil.
Two hundred and fifty thousand children. Blind.


And another little revelation I had today: I picked up a copy of North&South at the medical centre and a lady there was talking about a paleo diet. She was describing how she'd gone from an overweight teenager into this person that runs marathons and about midway into my third paragraph I thought: wait a minute, she's talking about eating veggies, dairy and meat, and keeping away from processed foods, and that's called a paleo diet?


Paleo my ass. It's called reasonable - that's what it's called.

To me it works both ways: good food helps me feel good, but at the same time, tough times is where I automatically start looking towards the candy aisle. And it helps me to remind myself that, for one, sugar craving can be a symptom of something I need to deal with and, two, eating good food will help me get there.

And geesh do I appreciate when information about food comes without a push for guilt, or whatever those emotions are that are often packaged within exercise and diet packages. Leave the politics out of it! Just tell me what I need to know about food and leave the decision about what I'm gonna do with that information to me.

It's my body. It's up to me what I am going to do with it. I take care of it. Me. It takes me places. Mine. Not yours - mine.

So - I poured myself a shot of sweetened condensed milk yesterday and savoured every. Spoonful. Of it. And it was damn good! Nothing wrong with that.

Nor is there anything wrong with eating a banana and a bunch of carrots for lunch.

It's mine. Mine. Mine!

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