The person The Dog reminds me of

You know, for all the trouble that The Dog gets up to and how incessantly she wants to FETCH!, all the time, how she is constantly leaning against one of us, blocking the hallway, digging up grass, chewing up things, wanting to jump and play and FETCH!, licking whatever skin is bare, and just generally being a pain in the butt for a whole lotta time - she is also the dog that I can already tell will have made her nest deep in our hearts and though she is only 7 months old at the moment, I've already looked at her and thought, it's going to be so hard to say good bye to you one day.

Me and The Man relate to her in two very different but very connected ways. I look at her and think, she's like me - a real pain a lot of the time, but also so much fun! And The Man, I think, sometimes looks at her and thinks, she's like Maria - a real pain a lot of the time, but also so much fun!

The parallels in our lives: the things I've broken in my grandparents' house as a kid and the times my grandmother has laid on the sofa, holding her chest and saying how I'm driving her to her grave. And now the things Mocha has chewed/eaten/dug up in our house here and the times I've tried chasing her down the house with those things, shouting, bloody hell, dog!

We love her. I definitely do.

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