The beauty of living on a wind-swept hill or also known as, oh, bugger

So, it's windy, right.

I go hang up the washing, come back a while later and... find the bed sheet flown off. In the gutter.

I go and stick it in the washing machine again. Hang it up. Come back - and it's in the gutter, again.

So I've now stuck it in the washing machine again, for the third time, and hung it up, also, for the third time.

Last time I used five pegs to hold it on the line. I'll see how this one goes. I wouldn't hold your breath though...


  1. Kadri21.8.13

    Kui frustreeriv. Sellise ilmaga voldiksin ma lina pooleks enne üles riputamist, et vähendada pinda.

    1. Voltisin. Aga ikka lendas! =)