Say goodbye, brownie locks

If I can find a hairdresser who'll take my locks on on a Saturday then say goodbye to these beauties here because for all the rewards I thought I'd enjoy when I patiently grew my hair out again, I just can't be bothered having it in my face when it's windy here (have I already mentioned that it's windy here a lot? No? Well, I'll say it again then - it's windy here a lot), or how I can't skip a day of hairwash without looking like I've climbed out of a garbage truck, or the way I have to remember now where on earth I've left my hairbrush again.

Short is easy.

And to you people out there that have long hair, in words of Aretha Franklin: arr, ee, esss, peee, eee, see, teee... *humms away into the distance*


  1. I've got long hair and love the styling options for it, hate, hate, hate the split ends! I need to find a hairdresser next week I think, but I find it frustrating to spend that time just sitting there doing nothing when I could be knitting!
    The main reason I don't go short, is because of the requirement for regular trims.

  2. So, did you find a hairdresser? I'm stuck between short and long... My hair is thick and doesn't suit a fringe, so short is hard work. Long is also annoying, especially in summer cos it gets got, did I mention its thick? The current style is ok, but requires straightening or other efforts to get it to look its best, which requires time. Yeah, me and time don't do so well...

  3. My reply to both of you ladies is that if you can handle looking like a "bomzh" - which is a Russian word for a homeless person - for a while then no hairstyle is too difficult. Sort of like me: were starting to look like a bomzh last week, now I look hot, and in three months' time I'll look like a bomzh again.

    If your standards are a bit higher than that though then yes, I can see a potential problem. ;)

    And in case you're interested, 3 Wise street in Addington, right next to coffee co-op, and Christy. Did a pretty amazing job on me, I think!