Riding a high

I've been riding a high for the past, oh, I don't know, a month now. On a selfish level I'd like to say it's because I've started writing again - meaningful, book-time-off writing where I set myself up for a whole day, morning to late night and really get to get into it again.

I'm determined to get this book finished. There's a good story in there. Write, girl, write. Get it finished. You'll be proud for having done so.

But on the other hand - and it really pisses me off here - is that I know that on a biochemical level it's a set of hormones doing their job. It's a change in daylight hours (lately, for the better), it's food I eat, it's my sleeping pattern. All of that and many things more.

And though a lot of it is within my ability to change and regulate (food and exercise mostly, but also standing up for myself and being kind to myself), it pisses me off, royally, that theoretically I can get a spike in thyroid levels, or whatever, and all that's gonna go to s*it again. Because it's oh-so-easier to watch my food intake, and my sleeping pattern, and my exercise when I'm feeling good already.

It's one of those life's "Dammit!" moments - that and the fact that I haven't had sex with James McAvoy, Jake Gyllenhaal or Ryan Gosling.


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