People behind blogs

A few days ago Holly wrote about blogs she enjoys reading. To my surprise, I found myself at the top of that list - more on that later - and have now recuperated enough from the shock that I'd like to share some of my favorites with you.

But here's the twist: I want to tell you not as much about blogs I enjoy reading (they're all lined up in the sidebar over there anyway), but about fascinating people that are behind blogs I find somewhat... average.

Like, I don't even know if you know what I mean here, and I don't want to sound rude (but I probably will, so I might as well get it over with because there's no point in worrying) but there are some people out there that are, I think, entirely fascinating - some make beautiful stuff, some's brains are cool, some are awesome company, and some are all the above and much more - but sometimes, for whatever reason, their awesomeness doesn't ooze down the screen and most of the time I find it almost infuriating. Like, how is that even possible!? How can someone be so cool in person and when I look at their blog it's, like, nah?

And it occurred to me that I would, actually, like to tell you about these people - not because their blogs aren't that catchy, but because otherwise you might think that they're, oh, I don't know, boring or something, and I'd like the record to reflect today that I think they're just entirely and totally and royally

awesome. Yup.

So, here goes.

I've written about Treena before. I've heard several people say the same thing: she's awesome. Bright and warm and colorful and funny and creative and lots things more. And yet when I opened up her post about a hexagon duvet cover she's made, I thought to myself: WTF?!

I've seen her work on this bloody thing for months.  Not, like, a little bit here and a little bit there, put it it aside for a year and then do a little more again - but solid, focussed stitching for months. Every goddamn hexagon on that duvet cover is hand stitched (!) and if you saw this thing in person it's, like, the coolest duvet cover you've ever seen. It's breathtaking - and I don't say it lightly. But I look at these photos and I don't understand how something that looks so monumental (343 hexagons! Hand stitched!) on these photos is, like, nah.

I mean, if some professional photographer somewhere got up and took some professional photos of this thing, and then Ana White or someone put it up on their blog, I bet ya this thing would be all over Pinterest in, like, 8 days.

(Okay, calm down, Maria, calm down. I know you like this duvet cover, but would you please calm. Down. Thank you.)

Okay, next are two ladies I met at a bloggers' conference this autumn: one's Rachelle and the other's Claudia.

Neither seemed particularly captivating over the internet when I first saw them register for the conference, but boy did I like them both in person! And now as I keep reading their blogs, I have the same feeling I sometimes get with Treena: how is it that I'm not getting more of that awesomeness across from the screen? It's like I feel a little cheated even, like there's so much going on in their heads and in their lives, and I'm just getting little measly snippets here and there.

On several occasions I've thought, if they were living somewhere near us here, or if I were living in town, both would so get invited to dinners at our place, along with their families, and I would pick their brains on topics of religion and crafts - if they let me, of course.

(Sorry, ladies, rude much? =) I really am not meaning to be mean here. I just don't, well, pick up on social cues very well, so I can see that I'm trying to say a good thing here, but it's probably coming across like one of those heartfelt compliments 4-year-olds do where adults are left half-amused and half-terrified at having created a monster. Probably amused more than terrified.)

Then there's Miriam. I think I don't even have to say anything more than: any person that can pull off wearing shoes like this, comfortably, is worth a statue - or a knighthood. (I think the world is full of Miriam fans. Gotta be.)

Then there's Holly, the one who prompted this post. The person who, alongside Treena, is probably the  source of the most underutilised creativeness I know of. Both, I think, have potential to be famous across continents and neither, I think, is - aside from the fact that I don't know if either of them even wants to; but that, too, is another topic.

The thing with Holly is, and I don't know if I'm right here, but I think she has the same attitude towards her craft as I do towards my craft: both move in little cautious steps, looking for our niche, thinking there's bound to be that perfect outlet somewhere, and we're both oblivious to the fact that we're already great the way we are.

And I think the attitude that would help us both the most is worrying a whole lotta less about what people might think and whether they'll like what we do, and do lotta more of things that feel right - and that's that.

But, hey, I might as well be blowing out of my a$$ here. I'm not a shrink, nor a psychic.

And finally Widge whose blog I miss dearly because somewhere out there she keeps making people laugh, and I don't get to take part in the party. (Edited to add: got carried away again. Widge is the one whose blog I liked a lot - but I cannot say the same about her in person because I simply don't know her in person that much. Met once.)

It's an interesting thing I went through with this bloggers' conference: there were a whole lot of people whose blogs I liked a lot and then when I met them in person I went, like, oh.... It somehow didn't click, that person I met on the screen and then the person I stared at on one of those events. And, sure, a lot of them were clearly out of their comfort zones when among so many other people - but still.

I still haven't got my head quite around it yet, the way how different people are on screen and in person. Or what I think they're like on the screen - and then in person.

But here you go, another Thursday evening rant. So much for a blogging sabbatical.

Off to bed now.


  1. I like this post Maria - although I was terrified I might be in it and then I was. But I totally get what you are saying - I know I don't translate the same on my blog as I do in person. I'm kinda working on it and I think it's true that sometimes I over think and I'm a bit cautious. Um yeah but thanks for the lovely shout out. Truly stoked to think I may have fans! Thanks for the encouragement for keeping to try for more of me. Love your work. You make me laugh a lot x

    1. Of course you have fans Miriam! There's another one right here.

    2. It makes me laugh you say "terrified"


    3. ha ha true 'terrified' to be in there and terrified to be overlooked :o)

  2. I'll take it as the compliment I'm sure was intended ;) And I'd be delighted to accept that invitation to dinner sometime if we could make it work!
    I dunno why my awesomeness doesn't come out on screen. Maybe its my writing skill that needs more work, to be able to better express the stuff in my head.

  3. I second everything you say about Treena-Marie... she is pretty amazing.
    Plus I don't want you to be jealous or anything but that quilt is on my bed :)

  4. This is great, I got the same feeling after meeting some people in person too.... Funny isn't it

  5. I definitely feel like I received a compliment of the first order. I'd much rather come across well in person; though considering how completely overwhelmed I felt at the conference I'm surprised I did! I love talking to you too; you're someone who comes across well in both settings (blog and life)
    I'm not a writer, unlike you Marie who seems to be able to write anything and it's really interesting; you have a gift in that respect. My gifts run to crafting of various types; working on photography but that's going to be hard work, I'm not a natural. I enjoy what I do though, and that's important.
    I suspect I'd be good at writing computer programs with a little training.

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