Just some daily potterings and another rant - sorry, story - about the Dog

The Dog has been limping recently. She's so high-pitch energetic (also knows as, in your face) that we've played a lot of fetch with her and I think she's damaged a shoulder so we've been taking it easy for a couple of days now.

Which, unfortunately, doesn't stop her playing fetch because she's learned to play it on her own. She'll grab a ball, toss it in the air and then when it lands, pounce on it.

Amusing to watch but isn't really helping the limping issue.

So I've tried taking away the ball. And you know what? Turns out, she can play fetch with lots of other things, too. T-shirts, for example, though they don't fly that well, and then when she picks them up she takes off, running, with the t-shirt trailing behind and I look on an and think, great. Another one. I've already got a rip in my pants from when she went and took them off the bed where I'd left them in the morning, and then got them snagged on a door barrier when she was trailing them towards the kitchen where I was standing doing our dishes.

Mocha a good dog, she was probably thinking to herself. Mocha bring pants to master. Master must be cold standing in the kitchen in her shorts. Master be happy now. Master give Mocha food?

She's gonna either drive us all mad, this dog, or make us live longer because we laugh so much. Maybe both.

Talking of living long: I was reading a column by Nigel Latta and in it he said, "Research shows that happy people live longer than miserable ones. This is, I think, good news. After all, who really wants miserable people to enjoy a long life?"

And at that, I agree.

I also agreed with Nigel when he said that once when he was talking on the radio, a listener sent in an e-mail urging Nigel to call kids children, not kids - because kids are goat's babies. Human babies are children.

It reminded me of an instance when I was told off by my boss for calling kids, kids - when I should've called them children instead. And it was all cool except for the fact that we were organising a... Kids' Camp. Like, the official name of the event was a Kids' Camp.

So you'll probably understand my amusement when for the rest of the time I kept reminding myself to call them children and knew for fact that we were all involved in a Kids' Camp.

And the point where I agree with Nigel is that he reckons that the person who sent in that e-mail was wearing a pair of underpants a size too small. And! Nigel made a point of using the word "kids" twice in every sentence for the rest of the radio show, if for no other reason than to piss that person off.

I think I like Nigel. Never met him, but sounds like a reasonable guy to me!


Oh, and another thing about The Dog.

When we met up with her litter-mates a few weeks back, one of the other owners said, "Does yours also do this thing where she's constantly leaning on you?" And I went, almost ecstatic, "Oh my god, does yours do that, too?! I thought ours was the only one!"

And she does - lean. Like, all the time. (Except maybe when she's running around playing fetch, or eating or something.)

I'll be, say, standing by the kitchen sink doing dishes and she'll try and cram herself in between me and the cupboard, and then lay down on top of my feet. I'll step away to do something by the oven and she'll follow me a few seconds later, sit next to me and lean against my shins.

The Man has even had several meltdowns over this, all in the last month or so. The thing is: it's not really that relaxing when you land on a sofa, try and relax, and straight away you'll have 15 kilos of Labrador flesh on top of your feet, weighing it all down.

He'll push her off and mutter something along the lines of, do you really have to lay on top of me all the time like that?, and she'll sit up, look at him patiently, cock her head to the side as if to show that she's listening really, really patiently - and then she'll come and lay on his feet again.

And The Man will roll his eyes and sigh, and maybe repeat the process another two or three times and eventually he'll just put his feet up on a sofa because The Dog has more stubbornness than he does.

And she sort of does this thing with The Kid, too, except - thank God! - she lays down next to him, not on top of him any more (which, I'm sorry to say, she tried, many times, but we kept telling her off along with The Kid screaming at her whenever she sat/laid on top of him, so I think The Dog's got at least some brain matter going for her because she's slowly taken the point and seems to have stopped doing it), so when we potter around the yard she follows him around and whenever The Kid stops, she lays down next to him.

Pretty cute, if you ask me.

Other than that, enjoying the sunshine and warmth. The sheep are lambing.

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