How blogging helps people get healthier/happier

Okay, so it's not the best piece of journalistic enquiry, right, but: it does have some merit. BBC News - Writing - for health and happiness?

I remember hearing about research like that back in uni, how people's post-surgery wounds healed quicker if they wrote in their diaries immediately before and after the surgery. Now this guy here is talking about blogging and how the public-ness of it (I don't mean publicity!) somehow helps not only people's emotional but also physical well-being.

(I wish we'd dwelled on it longer when it was brought up in one of our lectures, discussing the reasons behind results like that, but, alas, we were there for a degree in journalism and probably went on talking about a discourse or another.) (God how I hated that word).

I've known for a long time now that blogging keeps me sane(ish). Besides, it's way cheaper than going to a therapist! And boy do I like bargains or what.

I bet there's loads more people like that out there.

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  1. Indeed there are more people like that out there. Whatever your interests, you can find others who share them on the internet.