Housekeeping pride right here

I don't know if I've showed you this before, but you know these times when I've told you that I'm not very good in the kitchen? Well, apart from dishwashing, cleaning and making pancakes and omelets, of course.

What I mean is, I go to make muffins and out comes this:


  1. Haha, made me laugh :D I bet these are good for serving ice-cream though!

    1. I'm seeing your comments land throughout the blog and wondering if you are working your way through the entire blog :). Because if you are, geesh that's a lot of work!

    2. Oh yes, started with "Minu Alaska" book, then the Estonian blogs and now this one. It's not a lot of work - I'm enjoying it so much! Thank you for letting strangers like me read your blogs! :)