He's cute, sure, but... really?

Me and The Man were looking through some early videos of The Kid yesterday and it suddenly struck me that, you know how when he was little me and The Man used to say how we're so lucky to have a cute one? (We used to laugh that there's lots of ugly babies out there =P)

But now yesterday we suddenly realised that ours, too, was all podgy and puckered up - and we didn't even now it!

There some magical biochemistry going on in parents' brains, I swear.


  1. I so agree. I used to feel sorry for other parents and now when I look back our oldest had a frightening resemblence to gollum!

  2. He looks cute to me, but then so did mine once they'd gotten over that newborn prune stage. I'm lucky though that I don't get hit by the need to snuggle them; no maternal instinct here at all for anyone I didn't give birth to :)

  3. Oh such sweet moments! I laughed out loud when I saw how he had fallen asleep with his hands up. Adorable!

    1. So, I see your comment land in my inbox. And straight away I think, omg, omg, what did she say!? And then I realise: oh, the wrong post.

      Holly, I cannot believe you commented here but not on that other stuff down below =P

      PS. In case you're wondering, yes, I've been wondering all day today whether I'm gonna get slapped or whether you're gonna nod in understanding or whether you're gonna think I'm effin nuts by having written all that about what I think Holly is like. Or something else.

      But, hey, you're commenting here, so must've not been that bad...