Afternoon slump

Boom! An afternoon slump.

The Man is ill for the second day already with high fever so for the most part it's me, The Kid and The Dog. It's kind of nice, actually: every now and again we're up on the bed keeping The Man company but a lot of the time we leave him to it, shut the door and potter around on our own. And as I potter, thoughts bubble up, I open the laptop, quickly scribble it down, hit "Publish" and shut the laptop again.

And as usual, when there's an afternoon slump, my thoughts wonder over to this place:

The same camera still. Battered, scratched, with some settings missing, but works.

Digging down to get to an ice cave below.

As much as I enjoy the warmth, I do miss the cold. Not the -2 sort of damp, yucky cold of New Zealand, but the -20 cold of Svalbard, dry and crispy, smell-less. 

I miss the fun of it and rarely more than during afternoon slumps - only midnight despairs maybe. It's the time when I feel torn between where I am and where I want to be.

Three hours ago I was right where I wanted to be. Now, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon I'm not so sure any more.


  1. It's human nature. When I lived at the beach, I wanted to live in the mountains. Now that I have been living in the mountains for 30 years, we are thinking of moving to the beach. I think if you were totally satisfied you'd have to be doing something wrong.

    Hope your husband gets better soon.

  2. Anonymous18.8.13

    Ma arvan, et see on ainult inimlik. Inimesed, kes 24/7 absoluutse kindlusega teavad, et see, kes nad on, kus nad on ja kuhu nad tahavad minna, on natuke hirmutavad. Ma usun, et isegi kloostrielanikel on ajuti kahtusehetki. Ja maailm on ju lahti. Kui igatsus ahistavalt valusaks muutub, siis on äkki võimalik mõned otsused ümber mõelda, aga seniks aitab meenutamine või unistamine ju päris hästi.